D3conomist NFT
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2023-02-18 15:00:00UTC
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Merch is no utility’…The D3conomist-NFT is set to unleash the next generation of utility!

D3conomist-NFT [core] utility: ---Guaranteed access to Launchpad—via NFTs [D3launchpad] ---Free use of NFT-generator tool [D3generator]---Free use of NFT list-builder tool [D3mint]---Exclusive entrance to private chat with Web3 mentors [D3mentors]---& more.

Every D3conomist-NFT possesses the same level of rarity. This was a deliberate choice, setting a president for D3launchpad where every backer receives the same for their money. The only difference between individual NFTs is their appearance [& expression]. Everyone can find the ‘D3conomist’ that best suits their individual character.

The D3conomist-NFT is one for the true ‘OGs’—It is the one&only golden-ticket into our entire ecosystem!

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